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    Here at Landmark Ag Solutions, we work directly with customers to help maximize your productivity and profitability on every acre.

    Boost Yield With These Expert Services

    • Crop Protection

      Crop Protection

      Make sure you choose proven, high-quality products: the kind that protects your crops from such yield-damaging threats as weeds, insects, fungi, and disease. We’ll create a mix of products to combat any crop challenges.

    • Crop Scouting

      Crop Scouting

      There’s no substitute for boots on the ground in any industry, but especially for farming. We’ll get a firsthand look at your fields and combine our experience, industry best practices, and knowledge of the area’s current crop pressures to efficiently scout your fields. The resulting insights can help you make informed crop treatment decisions all season long.

    • Field Plans

      Field Plans

      How’s your plan for success? Need some expert assistance? Our detailed product placement plans can help maximize productivity on every acre.

    • Granular Digital Solutions

      Granular Digital Solutions

      Our industry-leading digital system integrates a vast amount of agronomic and financial data — field plans, breakevens, yield, input costs, and much more — to help you make the right decisions.

    • Insurance


      Count on us for helpful insurance advice and the newest risk management products.

    • Seed Delivery

      Seed Delivery

      We’ll deliver your seeds exactly where and when you want them, so you can concentrate on your work.

    • Seed Treatment

      Seed Treatment

      Don’t underestimate the value of seed treatment. Our LumiGEN seed treatment products are rigorously tested to protect Pioneer® genetics with proven recipes of insecticides and fungicides, each with multiple modes of action to defend against countless threats. Help your seeds get off to a strong start and maximize your ROI in the process: Use LumiGEN seed treatment.

    • Fertility Management

      Fertility Management

      We’ll work with you and our Granular Agronomy Team to access the nutrient holding capacity of your soil and provide a foundation for beneficial land management decisions.

    • TruChoice® Financing

      TruChoice® Financing

      We continue to offer the most competitive financing offers for your operations’ needs.

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    • Harvest Analyzing

      Harvest Analyzing

      By using precise yield mapping, we collect the data that helps you choose the right seeds, minimize your input costs, track trends, and more. This highly detailed data is essential to getting the highest value from your crop.

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